Obtaining the Flaming Sword at the Start of BG3: A Guide

Starting a new Baldur’s Gate 3 run can be challenging. Whether it’s your first time playing or you’ve played many times before, beginning as a first-level character in the chaos of Faerûn can be intimidating.

To give yourself an advantage, consider picking up the Everburn Blade during the introduction on the nautiloid. This uncommon magic greatsword deals an extra 1d4 fire damage and is free, albeit acquired through theft or looting corpses.

The Everburn Blade is wielded by the cambion Commander Zhalk, encountered in the room containing the helm. After a cutscene where Zhalk is fighting a mind flayer and the sword is knocked out of his hands, players have the opportunity to pry it away from him.

Using the Command spell or defeating Zhalk are two reliable options to obtain the Everburn Blade. Using the Command spell, specifically by a Cleric or Warlock character, players can force Zhalk to drop the sword.

This not only makes obtaining the sword easier but also makes it easier to defeat Zhalk. Alternatively, players can opt to outright defeat Commander Zhalk.

By assisting the mind flayer in the fight and being prepared for their hostility once Zhalk is defeated, this method is another viable way to obtain the Everburn Blade, along with bonus experience and plain scale mail armor. Regardless of the approach taken to obtain the Everburn Blade, it will be a valuable asset in the early stages of the game, particularly for fighters like Lae’zel or Karlach.

With this powerful weapon in hand, the path to defeating The Absolute will hopefully become much clearer.

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