Creating Clothing in the Game Manor Lords

In Manor Lords, clothing is a crucial resource for your villagers, alongside food and fuel. Providing clothing to your burgage plots is essential for leveling up your village. To obtain clothing, you can opt to craft items such as leather, linen, yarn, cloaks, shoes, and clothes. It’s important to note that clothing differs from armor, which is primarily used for the militia and retinue.

Firstly, leather, linen, and yarn are essentials for making clothing. Leather is obtained from hides at Hunting Camps and burgage plots with the goat backyard extension. Linen is crafted from flax grown in fields, while yarn is produced from sheep wool, requiring a Livestock Trading Post and Sheep Farm to obtain. Next, shoes are made at the Cobbler’s Shop, a backyard extension for level two and three burgage plots.

Clothes and cloaks are crafted at the Tailor’s Shop as backyard extensions after upgrading a burgage plot. Additionally, dye is necessary for making clothes and cloaks. While the marketplace may sell clothes, ensuring each villager has access to them requires consideration of the population and proximity to the marketplace. By monitoring the supply and demand in the marketplace and inspecting the clothing access of burgage plots, you can effectively manage your resources.

Manor Lords is currently in Early Access on Steam, and the content may change with updates.

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