Creating and Utilizing Militia Troops in Manor Lords

In Manor Lords, players can use their militia to engage in territorial battles and eliminate bandit camps that appear on the map. To create a militia, players need to have sufficient villagers in their territory and provide them with the necessary weapons. There are four types of militia units available in the game. To produce weapons and armor for the militia, players must first prioritize weapons over armor.

Weapons can be created and distributed to households with militia members. After acquiring weapons, players can unlock the armor-making node on the development tree to equip their militia. After organizing the troops, players can rally their militia by setting a rally point within their territory. Once assembled, the militia can be directed to any location, including territories owned by others or unclaimed territories.

While controlling the militia, players have various options, including the ability to attack by selecting the units and right-clicking on the destination. Players can also access the retinue feature after building a manor, allowing them to customize a group of troops for challenging battles. Additionally, players have the option to hire mercenaries paid for from the treasury, providing an additional source of troops if manpower or weapons are lacking.

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