Earning money in Manor Lords: A Practical Guide

There are two types of currency systems that you will use in Manor Lords: regional wealth and your treasury. Both of these are essential to playing the game, but you will accumulate money for each one a bit differently. Regional wealth is money that you make within a specific territory from buying and selling goods. This money does not belong to you; it’s meant for your villagers to use.

It is separate for each territory under your control and displayed to the left of the territory’s name at the top of the screen. Most of your regional wealth will be spent and accumulated by trading at the Trading Post. This money can be spent to upgrade buildings, add extension plots, and trade goods. On the other hand, your treasury is personal money that is collected from taxes that you impose from the manor.

Unlike regional wealth, you will always have the same amount in your treasury, regardless of the territory you are looking at. The money in your treasury can be used for diplomacy, strengthening your army, hiring mercenaries, and upgrading your retinue. To get more regional wealth, you can sell excess goods at the Trading Post, focusing on renewable items such as wooden-based materials. Set a surplus limit to manage the amount of items being sold.

Additionally, taxing the territories through the manor can convert a percentage of the regional wealth into money for your treasury. However, set taxes carefully to avoid making your villagers unhappy. Finally, clearing bandit camps presents an opportunity to gain either regional wealth or treasury money periodically. You can claim the reward for yourself or send it to the nearest town to put the money into its regional wealth for trading.

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