Accessing DLC Items in Stellar Blade: A Guide to Maximizing Your Gameplay

Stellar Blade, the latest Sony exclusive, has been drawing comparisons to Nier since its demo release and has generated a lot of excitement among gamers. The game’s combat is a highlight, offering a challenging experience with elements reminiscent of Soulsborne fights. With Stellar Blade’s release, it’s essential to be fully prepared with tips and tricks.

Different versions of the game are available for purchase, and if you’ve bought the Deluxe edition or pre-ordered and are wondering where your bonus items are, this guide will help you locate and access them within the game. Your DLC items won’t be accessible until you reach Xion, the central hub of the game. This means playing through the tutorial area first, then proceeding to Eidos 7 after being rescued by Adam from the Naytiba.

Eidos 7 is quite challenging, with elements like parrying enemy attacks and a tough enemy, Gigas, towards the end. Upon defeating Gigas and meeting your second companion, Lily, you’ll head towards Xion, where you can retrieve your DLC items. As you approach the bridge leading to town, keep an eye out for a golden box to your left that says Deluxe.

Interact with it to collect all your DLC items, which include: [list of DLC items].

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