Physical Copies of Stellar Blade Already Circulating

Physical copies of Stellar Blade are now in the hands of fans, and spoilers are already circulating online. The game’s release is just a few days away, but spoilers have started appearing on the Stellar Blade Reddit page and Discord server, though they are being swiftly removed. Due to the game’s linearity and relatively short runtime, it is expected that more spoilers will emerge in the coming days. As the release of Stellar Blade approaches, fans who want to experience the game without spoilers should be cautious when browsing social media.

It appears that the street date for the game has been broken, as physical copies have made their way to eager fans ahead of schedule. Pictures of fans with their copies have been shared on the Stellar Blade subreddit, indicating that the game has been distributed early to those who pre-ordered at certain GameStop locations. With the early release of physical copies, spoilers are becoming more frequent. The game’s Reddit page is struggling to contain them, and spoilers have also surfaced on the game’s Discord server before being removed.

Although spoilers may not be easily encountered by casual social media browsing, actively seeking them out could lead to unwanted revelations. Given the nature of Stellar Blade as a linear game with a relatively short completion time, it is anticipated that more spoilers will emerge in the near future. Some players have already spent multiple days with the game, and others have gained an advantage by honing their skills in the demo version. Therefore, those concerned about spoilers should consider avoiding social media.

Despite this, reviews for Stellar Blade are overwhelmingly positive, with an 84 rating on Open Critic. If you’re looking to avoid spoilers, you can check out spoiler-free reviews to get a sense of the game’s quality.

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