Pokemon Unveils Giant Larvesta Plush in Life-Size

Larvesta, the next Pokemon to receive a life-size plush treatment, has been unveiled as a Japan Pokemon Center exclusive. The Larvesta plush, standing at four feet tall, comes with a price tag of $300. This addition joins the ranks of other massive plushes at the Pokemon Center, such as Psyduck and Slowpoke. The realization of the actual size of Pokemon often leaves fans in awe, with the revelation that Pokemon can be either much larger or smaller than expected.

The collection of life-size plushes at the Pokemon Center serves as a means for fans to discover the true size of Pokemon, with Larvesta emerging as the latest addition that has surprised trainers. The Pokemon Company has introduced the life-size Larvesta plush at the Pokemon Center in Japan, allowing pre-orders with an expected shipping date in November. The initial images of the Larvesta plush showcase its size, standing almost at waist height due to the horn around its head. Although there is a $5 discount available on Amazon to commemorate the arrival of the Larvesta plush, it’s important to note that it is only available in Japan at this time, making it inaccessible to fans outside of Japan.

However, there is hope for wider availability in the future, as certain products have been released outside of Japan after initially being exclusive to the country. An example of this is the recent addition of Pokemon’s popular Soda Pop plushes to the Pokemon Center in the US, following their previous exclusivity to Japan. In partnership with various brands and affiliates, TheGamer receives a portion of revenue from some recommended products, without affecting the price for consumers.

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