The Comprehensive Guide to Waveplates in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play gacha RPG that offers various mechanics and rewards. One of the main in-game currencies is the Waveplate, which automatically regenerates at a rate of one Waveplate every six minutes, as long as it is not capped.

How and where you spend this currency can significantly impact your account’s growth, both in the early and late game phases. In the early game phase, players are advised to focus their Waveplate spending on Simulation Challenges, which become available after reaching a certain point in the main story.

These challenges provide opportunities to farm character EXP, weapon EXP, and Shell Credits, crucial for advancing steadily in the game. As players progress into the mid-game phase, their Waveplate spending focus should shift to boss challenges and Forgery Challenges.

Prioritizing ascension of main characters and upgrading their skills and weapons through boss materials and Forgery Challenges is essential. It is recommended to avoid spending Waveplates on Tacet Field challenges at this stage to avoid wasting resources.

In the late game phase, after reaching level 40 and further SOL3 phase ascension, players should allocate their Waveplate spending towards farming boss and Forgery materials for main characters. In addition, they can consider utilizing Waveplates for Tacet Fields to build units and farming gold echo drops from the open world.

Overall, strategic Waveplate spending plays a vital role in player progression and account development throughout the various stages of Wuthering Waves.

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