Pre-Order Guide for Endless Ocean Luminous

Endless Ocean is making a return with the release of Luminous, and there’s plenty to learn to ensure you secure your copy via Nintendo. The “one more thing” in Nintendo Directs usually heralds a significant surprise reveal. Endless Ocean Luminous’s announcement during the one more thing segment of February 2024 fits this description.

It is a surprising return, given the series’ 15-year hiatus and the mixed reviews of its previous games. For those unfamiliar with Endless Ocean, the games involve the player taking on the role of a scuba diver exploring fictional oceans. Luminous will feature the Veiled Sea, a fictional body of water teeming with real-life and mythical creatures, as well as extinct underwater animals.

The research conducted in Luminous will offer potential scientific insights. In comparison to the previous game, which only allowed pairing with one other diver, Luminous will enable groups of up to 30 to explore together. Additionally, the underwater landscape will change each time it is explored, addressing a previous criticism of repetitiveness.

Upon its exclusive release for Nintendo Switch on May 2, 2024, Endless Ocean Luminous will offer more than 500 species of aquatic life. The game is available for pre-order, with both digital and physical editions, without any pre-order bonuses or multiple editions to choose from. There are some uncertainties surrounding pre-orders from certain retailers, notably Amazon’s cancellations.

However, if pre-orders become available again, they will be displayed for selection. Endless Ocean Luminous is set to be a significant release in the final full calendar year before the potential replacement of the Switch console. It promises an exciting multiplayer experience, allowing up to 30 players to explore the Veiled Sea together.

In terms of gameplay specifics, there is no indication that Endless Ocean Luminous will be exclusively online. It will offer the flexibility to play solo or with others, with the option to play with up to 29 other people. While there is no formal pre-order bonus, Endless Ocean Luminous does come with a seven-day free trial of Nintendo Switch Online.

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