How to Obtain Shiny Heracross during Pokemon Go’s Mega Heracross Raid Day Event

Pokemon Go’s latest addition, Mega Heracross, is being debuted with a brand-new Raid Day event, featuring this new release and giving you the opportunity to add it to your Pokemon collection. As the event’s name implies, the Mega Heracross Raid Day will allow you to participate in several Raid battles against Mega Heracross, providing you with additional rewards for doing so.

This Raid Day event will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2024, from 2pm local time to 5pm local time, only giving you a brief window of time to participate. Make the most of Mega Heracross’s debut event using the guide we have put together below, including all details surrounding this event.

Mega Heracross will be the featured Pokemon for this Raid Day, the latest Mega Evolution added to Pokemon Go. Throughout the three hours of this Raid Day, you can expect to find Mega Heracross Raids taking place at the vast majority of Raid locations, giving you plenty of opportunities to attempt this brand-new Mega Raid.

Additionally, all Heracross encountered as a Raid completion reward will have substantially increased odds of being Shiny during this Raid Day. Successfully completing Mega Heracross Raids will reward you with Heracross Mega Energy, the resource needed to Mega Evolve one of your Heracross.

With this being Mega Heracross’s debut, this is a great opportunity to obtain your first Mega Heracross. There will be three different bonuses that all players will benefit from during this Raid Day, free of charge.

These bonuses help to increase the number of Raids that you’ll be able to participate in and improves the benefits that come with completing each Raid. Those who purchase this event ticket will unlock additional Raid-themed bonuses, stacking on top of those available to all players.

If you want to further the Stardust or XP you gain from completing Raids during this event, make sure to use items like the Star Piece and Lucky Egg. Additionally, it’s important to factor in Mega Heracross’s typing when deciding which Pokemon to battle with during this Raid battle.

Being a Bug and Fighting dual-type Pokemon, Mega Heracross has a double-weakness to Flying-type attacks. Put together a team of powerful Flying-type Pokemon with Flying-type attacks to maximize the damage that you deal during these battles.

On the flip side of this, Mega Heracross’s specific dual-typing also provides it with a handful of resistances on the battlefield. This includes resistances to Bug, Fighting, Dark, Ground, and Grass-type attacks, so it’s best to avoid choosing Pokemon that use attacks of these five types.

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