Resident Evil 9 Would Likely Benefit from an Internal Delay

Switching from a linear to open-world game is a challenging endeavor. According to a reliable Resident Evil leaker, the ninth mainline game has encountered internal delays at Capcom. Specifically, Resident Evil 9 was originally planned for a 2024 reveal and a 2025 release, but these dates have been postponed.

Dusk Golem mentioned in a shared Discord message that another Resident Evil game, possibly the rumored RE5 Remake, may take the place of Resident Evil 9. The common adage “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad” underscores the significance of allowing time for game development. Various industry figures, including Shigeru Miyamoto and Valve’s Gabe Newell, have expressed similar sentiments about the negative consequences of rushing game releases.

While players may become impatient with anticipated game delays, the frustration of an unfinished, unpolished game release surpasses the waiting period. Dusk Golem also noted that internal delays are not uncommon for the Resident Evil series, citing previous rough spots during other game developments. Considering the nature of Resident Evil 9 as an open-world game, such delays are understandable.

Transitioning to an open-world format presents numerous challenges, especially for a team experienced in creating linear horror games. Adapting their expertise to an open-world setting requires time and careful consideration of how to maintain the series’ horror elements within a wider and more open environment. This delay is welcomed by enthusiasts of the series, granting Capcom the necessary time to ensure the successful execution of the open-world format for Resident Evil 9.

Given the historical pattern of the series, it is likely that at least one more game will be released in this format before Resident Evil progresses to the next popular genre.

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