Helldivers 2’s Latest Update Makes Shrapnel Extremely Hazardous

The latest patch for Helldivers 2 has brought changes to the ricochet and shrapnel mechanics, particularly affecting the R-36 Eruptor. Reports have surfaced about the shrapnel from the weapon rebounding and instantly killing players, which has been confirmed as a problem by Arrowhead.

A fix is underway, which will remove the shrapnel effect while slightly increasing the weapon’s hit damage. The patch has sparked panic and complaints among players due to the significant impact of the game’s changes.

There have been concerns about the ricochet mechanic, with observations that the explosions were being ricocheted back at players. However, it was later clarified that the shrapnel from a specific weapon was rebounding from enemies and causing instant fatalities.

Arrowhead has acknowledged this issue and is working on a resolution, as the current state of the R-36 Eruptor presents a significant danger to players. It has been revealed that the shrapnel released from the R-36 Eruptor inflicts minimal damage to the intended target, leading to the decision to completely remove the shrapnel effect and slightly increase the weapon’s hit damage.

Arrowhead has emphasized that explosions are not ricocheting, specifying that only bullets from small arms will bounce off armor, contrary to some circulated videos claiming otherwise.

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