Robosen Robotics Line Introduces Its First Decepticon, Megatron

Robosen and Hasbro have revealed a new addition to their range of auto-converting Transformers robots – Megatron. The 21-inch tall Megatron can transform between its bipedal and tank form through its companion app or when told to via voice command. Equipped with weapons in either form, Megatron has 270 unique voice lines recorded by Frank Welker, the original voice of the Decepticon in 1984.

The robot can be purchased for $899 during the presale period, after which it will be $1,199. Megatron comes with an energon sword, energon mace, and tank shell projectiles. This new addition complements the existing robots including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Grimlock.

Transformers introduced us to a level of technology that was only a dream in the 1980s. Hasbro and Robosen Robotics have created a robot Megatron that can transform from its bipedal form into a tank and back again simply by command, making it the first Decepticon to join the line-up. This marks a significant advance in robotic Transformers and brings a new dimension to the collection.

The Megatron has been three years in the making and boasts 112 ultra-bright LEDs and 36 motors, showcasing the level of innovation that has gone into its creation. For fans of Transformers collectibles, this Megatron is a unique and impressive addition to any collection. Given its features and functionality, the $899 price tag during the presale period offers great value for enthusiasts.

The addition of Megatron to the existing collection of auto-converting robots adds excitement and opens up possibilities for fans of the franchise.

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