Escape From Tarkov Developers Reconsider Controversial $250 PvE Mode Decision

The recent announcement about the $250 version of the game, which was supposed to include perks and exclusive access to a PvE mode, has left Escape from Tarkov fans in a whirlwind. However, the developers have now stated that the PvE mode will eventually be free for all owners of the Edge of Darkness edition.

This decision has stirred controversy among players, especially those who had purchased the now-delisted Edge of Darkness edition for $100, as they would not have access to the new mode. The developers initially defended this decision by stating that the mode was not a DLC and cited limited server space as the reason for the restrictions.

Despite this, Battlestate has now announced that the PvE mode will be available for free to all Edge of Darkness owners when the servers can accommodate more players. They have also introduced an “Unheard Edition” which includes a test version of the PvE mode, offering EoD players a 50 percent discount on the upgrade.

Additionally, regular players can purchase early access to the mode, raising questions about whether it can be considered DLC. Overall, the recent developments have caused uncertainty and frustration among Escape from Tarkov fans, as the company’s messaging and decisions around the new game mode continue to evolve.

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