Marvel WordARound Released to Celebrate National Superhero Day

ThinkFun, the creators behind the WordARound series, announced the Marvel take on its classic game to celebrate Superhero Day on April 24. If that day passed you by without you noticing, it’s not too late to celebrate. Marvel WordARound is available now through the Amazon link in the box below. The superhero take on the game features cameos from well-known Marvel characters like Spider-Man to the more obscure heroes and villains from throughout Marvel history, ensuring the game is a challenge for both hardened and casual fans.

These Marvel board games will bring out your inner hero. For the WordARound uninitiated, the rules of the game are simple, making this very easy to pick up and even easier to explain the rules quickly to new players. A round begins when the first card is turned over and the first player or team to figure out what word is on the outer ring wins the card. They then need to turn that card over, the back of which will dictate which color circle will be the focus on the card directly underneath.

The winner of that card reveals the next one, and so on until the deck is depleted. Marvel WordARound Is Available Now

Marvel WordARound is a superhero take on ThinkFun and Ravensburger’s wordsearch-style card game. The key difference is that all of the words you’re trying to decipher in the Marvel version are connected to the multiverse, whether they be names of heroes, villains, or other things you might know from the comics and movies. Since there are 100 cards in the deck, and three circles on each card, WordARound has a level of replayability you might not expect from a game this simple.

As for what makes the Marvel version different, aside from the depictions of heroes and villains on the back, the words you will need to decipher are all Marvel-based. Sometimes it’ll be something simple like Thor, while other cards will up the difficulty. The word Mjolnir is in there somewhere, for example. Study how that word is spelled now so you’re ready when your copy of Marvel WordARound arrives.

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