Claiming and Settling New Territories in Manor Lords – A How-To Guide

Manor Lords offers players the opportunity to claim new territories, which allows for expanding territory, building new villagers, and gathering more resources. With enough power, it’s even possible to claim the entire map. For beginners seeking guidance on growing their village in Manor Lords, here are some tips. This guide will cover claiming territories and starting to build on newly acquired land.

Keep in mind that Manor Lords is currently in Early Access on Steam, so the content is subject to change. To claim a territory, start by zooming out on the map to view all the territories. Click on the desired territory and choose between “Claim with Influence” or “Claim with King’s Favor.” Currently, the only option is to claim with influence, which costs 1,000 for unclaimed territory and 2,000 for already-claimed territory.

After claiming a territory, there will be a period during which others can contest the claim. In the event of a contest, prepare troops to win the battle and secure the land. You can also contest claims made by others by clicking on the contested territory. If successful, you will gain the land without spending any resources.

Once a territory is successfully claimed, a Settlers Camp must be placed before building can commence. This can be found in the Administration tab of the construction menu. Additionally, ensure that the new territory has enough resources by specifying the amount when placing the Settlers Camp. Building the lowest tier of the Settlers Camp requires at least 250 coins in the treasury, which can be increased by building a Manor and setting a tax.

Once the Settlers Camp is in place, prioritize constructing essentials such as a Granary, Storehouse, Forager Hut, Hunting Camp, and Logging Camp.

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