Stellar Blade Remains Uncensored Across All Regions, According to Shift Up

Stellar Blade by developer Shift Up is set to launch on April 26, and the developers have announced that all regions will receive an “uncensored” release. This means that the game will be the same regardless of where it is purchased, with no content removed specifically for certain regions. The announcement was made through a tweet, which did not provide specifics on which content will be “uncensored.”

However, it is assumed that potentially violent and sexual material will be consistent across localizations, indicating that no changes were made to secure a release in particular regions. It is not uncommon for games to make adjustments to secure age ratings in different countries, with some possibly being denied a rating altogether. However, it appears that Stellar Blade has received a Mature rating from ESRB and an 18 rating from PEGI, reflecting the expected level of content for a game of this age rating.

While fans may be relieved that the game will not be censored in certain regions, the game director has suggested that players keep the character Eve clothed in order to boost her stats. This implies that the game may still have elements that some players may find sensitive or challenging.

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