House Flipper 2 Rekindled My Passion for Chasing Achievements

I used to be an obsessive achievement hunter, playing countless Xbox games solely to score achievements. I even obtained a Windows phone just to add to my gamerscore. However, as a mother, I no longer have as much time for gaming, leading me to shake off my achievement-hunting ways.

Now, when I seek review codes for Xbox, I avoid checking the achievement list to prevent spoilers, and only pursue any remaining achievements after completing the game. Despite this, I occasionally delve back into achievement hunting for fun, particularly with games that have been ported to the console. For instance, I initially overlooked House Flipper 2 when it launched for PC but was drawn to it when it came to Xbox.

It embodies the sim games I adore and seemed enjoyable for earning easy achievements. Upon checking the achievement list, I found that most of them involved performing amusing tasks, which I found engaging. Unexpectedly, my pursuit of achievements in House Flipper 2 transformed into a profound love for the game itself.

I eagerly put effort into perfecting the houses I worked on, spending extra time and money to ensure every detail was to my liking. I even meticulously arranged decorations, much to the amusement of my husband, who is also a House Flipper fan. This perfectionist drive extends to my love for achievement hunting; I don’t need to unlock them all, but I want to because of the satisfaction it brings me.

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