Support Indie Games: Your Help is Crucial

The absence of big triple-A hitters in 2024 is starting to be felt in the gaming world. With only a few releases in the next five months, there seems to be a gap in the market that indie games have yet to fill.

Despite this, there are instances of indie games not receiving the attention they deserve, causing a knock-on effect on player engagement. This issue is concerning, as even renowned publishers struggle to find success in the current climate.

While there are challenges, there is a silver lining. Some indie games have exceeded expectations and are on their way to success.

It is crucial to recognize that not every Devolver game has the same expectations, and smaller indie games face different pressures compared to those with larger budgets. Despite the challenges, there is a call to support indie developers by exploring and investing in smaller games.

The vibrant indie scene deserves to be kept alive and thriving, especially during the lull between triple-A releases. The opportunity to discover new and exciting experiences while supporting independent developers is a compelling reason to explore the indie gaming scene.

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