Tim Cain, Original Game Creator, Approves Fallout Show

Tim Cain, the original creator of Fallout, recently attended the premiere of the Fallout show and expressed his approval. Invited by Bethesda, Cain enjoyed spending time with Todd Howard, contrary to some fans’ beliefs. Having created the series in 1997, Cain felt that the show effectively captured the essence of the classic games.

He praised the director, Jonathan Nolan, and showrunner, Graham Wagner, for their eagerness to seek his opinion, ultimately expressing his love for the show and his belief that fans will also appreciate it. Furthermore, Cain was impressed with showrunner Graham Wagner’s knowledge of the Fallout series, noting that the show draws from various elements of the games, particularly Fallout 4. He also addressed the perception of ongoing hostility between the original creators and Bethesda, clarifying that he and fellow Fallout lead, Brian Fargo, had positive interactions with Bethesda representatives at the premiere.

Overall, Cain spoke highly of the show’s interpretation of the series, specifically praising its characters, humor, and visual appeal. He emphasized that the show had him captivated and commended its strong acting performances. Lastly, Cain urged fans to connect with the people involved in the creation of the show rather than solely focusing on the game.

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