Tango Gameworks Demonstrates the Unwinnable Nature of the Game Industry

The video game industry does not guarantee job security, even for successful games. This unpredictability is evident in the fate of studios like Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin.

Layoffs in the industry have become a common occurrence, affecting thousands of people globally. Despite the promise of shared experiences, some video game companies are simultaneously letting go of long-time employees, leaving questions about the viability of the industry.

When legendary studios face closures, there is often speculation about the reasons behind their downfall. While it may be easy to blame specific game performances or business decisions, the reality is that even successful products do not safeguard a company’s future.

Tango Gameworks, for example, faced significant setbacks despite creating a game that was well-received by fans and critics alike. The narrative around studio closures often shifts the blame onto the developers, creating a sense of uncertainty and discouragement within the industry.

Even with the support of platforms like Game Pass, which aim to promote creativity and unique experiences, companies like Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin still face insurmountable challenges. The injustice of these closures becomes apparent when studios like Tango Gameworks, lauded for their accomplishments, are suddenly forced to shut down.

This raises concerns about the purpose of striving for success in an environment where even achieving every milestone does not ensure survival. The precarious nature of the industry leaves many questioning the point of creating good games if they cannot guarantee a company’s continuity.

The dilemma extends to independent companies that may opt to sell to larger developers for stability, only to find themselves facing the same fate. The lack of security within the industry raises fundamental questions about the sustainability and purpose of creating innovative and successful games.

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