From Hater to Solo Player: How Apex Legends Solos Changed My Mind.

Respawn has learned a lot from past limited-time modes (LTMs). Playing ranked as a solo queue can be a mixed experience. Sometimes you may be carried by a former Apex Predator, while other times you may find yourself hard carrying inexperienced players. Despite initial resistance to Solos, the author found the mode to be enjoyable and rewarding.

The reintroduction of Solos has brought back the thrill of the game, particularly due to the strength of the Kraber sniper rifle. Several adjustments have been made to ensure that the mode feels fun and balanced. Respawn Tokens are granted in every Solos match, and kitted weapons of varying rarities are available in loot bins, reducing the time spent looting. Additionally, various game elements such as pop-ups to detect nearby enemies and adjusted rings contribute to the overall enjoyment of the mode.

Overall, the author has been pleasantly surprised by the enjoyment they’ve found in playing Solos, particularly in rapid fire matches during breaks at work.

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