Where to Locate Halibut in Stellar Blade

Fishing in a video game might not be everyone’s favorite activity, whether it’s a main feature or just a side game. But in Stellar Blade, it’s pretty straightforward compared to other games. If you’re into fishing, just head to the oasis in the Great Desert and meet Clyde. He’ll show you the ropes and give you a fishing rod.

Slay this lumbering beast and continue your search for Alpha Naytiba. You can fish just for fun, but there are also side quests that require you to catch specific types of fish. Sometimes, these quests don’t clearly tell you where to find the fish you need. The Fish Research quest is one such example, as it requires you to catch a Halibut.

Before you can catch a Halibut, there are a few things to prepare. First, you’ll need the preferred bait for this fish, which in this case is the Fish Slice bait. Second, it’s best to have at least one Fishing Data purchased to enhance your fishing skills, making it easier to catch fish. Both of these items can be bought from Clyde at the oasis in the Great Desert.

However, you might need to fish for a while to gain enough fishing points to afford these items. Once you have both items, speak to Adam and travel to Eidos 7. Upon arrival, use the nearby waypoint to fast travel to the Plaza Entryway. From there, proceed ahead and make your way to the Clock Tower, recognizable as the main route of the main storyline progression.

In this area, you’ll find a small pool at the bottom containing various fish, including the Halibut. Now, simply grab your fishing rod, equip the Fish Slice bait, and start fishing. Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee you’ll catch the Halibut on your first try, so it might take a few attempts. While there may be other fishing spots where you can still have a chance to catch this fish, this location remains the best one to catch a Halibut.

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