Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link’s Second Closed Beta Reveals Initial Story Information

Recently, it was announced that Missing Link would be hosting a second closed beta test, sparking curiosity among fans about whether it would offer new content or simply rehash the same material. Luckily, I had the opportunity to participate in both closed tests and can confirm that the latest beta features a significant amount of fresh content, particularly pertaining to the story.

The initial missions of the test bear resemblance to the first beta, with the protagonist waking up on the shore and encountering Remus, a red-haired character who serves as a guide. However, after defeating Darkside, a series of new cutscenes provide insight into the core of Missing Link.

One of these cutscenes unfolds as the protagonist and Remus traverse Scala Ad Caelum, leading to the discovery of a statue of Ephemer and hints at the protagonist’s connection to the character from Union X. Subsequently, a scene reveals scientists in a lab studying anomalies, also highlighting issues within Scala’s Baroque Society, the faction to which Remus belongs.

On their way to the society’s headquarters, the protagonist and Remus face an arrest attempt, only to be saved by Neptune, the Baroque Society’s leader, who unveils the presence of mind-controlled guards and two mysterious figures manipulating them. Inside the Baroque HQ, a new character named Freya, responsible for the society’s administration, imparts further knowledge about the world.

Consequently, the protagonist joins the Baroque Society and embarks on an exploration of the Astral Dimension, with a hint from Freya about something called “Warp Worlds,” forming a connection to Disney worlds. While the closed beta test concludes the story content at this point, it provides a comprehensive glimpse into the trajectory of Missing Link and how the game operates.

This preview serves as a promising sign that the game is progressing well and may not be far from release.

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