Will Resistance Ever Get a Remaster?

Insomniac Games’ PS3 first-person shooter series has been inactive since 2012. However, a massive hack last year leaked Insomniac Games’ plans extending to 2032, which included stops for superheroes and the return of Ratchet & Clank.

Curiously, the key franchise, Resistance, was absent from the list. Resistance, the sci-fi first-person shooter series by Insomniac, has been absent since Resistance: Burning Skies for the PSP in 2012, and it seems that Sony may be missing out on potential revenue.

The author’s interest in Resistance stems from a missed opportunity when they were first released. They acknowledge their initial inexperience with first-person shooters at the time of the game’s launch, but now wish to experience the series.

They also express dissatisfaction with the lack of availability of the games on modern hardware, except for the third entry accessible with a higher-tier PlayStation Plus subscription, and the PSP entry, Resistance: Retribution, available for purchase on PS5. The author recalls the significance of Resistance from 2006 to 2012 as one of Sony’s major franchises from a consistent third-party developer, and questions why Sony has seemingly disregarded it.

They emphasize the desire for these games to be made available to interested players, suggesting that Sony should consider re-releasing the games in a similar manner to how other game studios have in the past handled games owned by Sony. The author discusses Bluepoint Games’ work with remasters and remakes of older Sony titles and suggests that another studio could take on a similar project for the dormant Resistance franchise.

They argue that hiring skilled professionals who are currently out of a job and experienced in game development could be a viable option to remaster the PS3 trilogy. They also believe that this remaster could serve as a precursor for that studio to potentially develop a new game for the franchise if the remaster is positively received.

Furthermore, the author suggests that Sony appears to be focusing on a few key franchises at the moment, potentially explaining the lack of upcoming releases in 2024. They argue that reviving an older franchise through a low-stakes remaster could expand Sony’s gaming portfolio beyond just third-person cinematic games, which the author supports, but believes that Sony needs a more diverse portfolio.

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