85% of Gamers Missed Out on the Best of Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has quickly become one of the most enjoyable games for me this year. Despite its narrative shortcomings, there are many aspects of its world that I admire.

While the story of Disa and the false Arisen is neglected, the broader worldbuilding and perpetual cycles are fascinating. Only 14.52 percent of players have earned the Dragon’s Dogma 2 achievement for witnessing the Unmoored World, a revelation that transforms the game into a post-apocalyptic masterclass.

This revelation inspired me to explore the world anew, changing my perspective on the game and how I approach it. The Unmoored World has changed my view on the concept of “true endings” and replaying games.

It drastically alters the game, making everything prior feel like an extensive setup for the apocalyptic events. I feel disappointed that so many players have yet to experience the best this game has to offer.

I appreciate the time-enforced decisions and the fact that they only progress when you sleep in the Unmoored World. The visual changes and narrative impact are also appealing.

However, I feel that the Unmoored World should be given equal importance to the time before, rather than being too generous with its item drops. While the main story of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is relatively short, Capcom intentionally designed it this way, emphasizing the game’s cyclical nature and the importance of New Game Plus.

Grigori’s advice to listen to dragons is fitting, as the game’s world and its secrets are not to be overlooked.

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