Announcement: Rayman Board Game set for Release in Q3 2024.

A new Rayman game has been announced for release in Q3 2024. However, it is not a video game but a tabletop game.

This is disappointing news for fans who have been waiting for a new Rayman video game for over a decade. The Rayman board game is set to feature artwork that includes playable characters Rayman and Globox, and it can accommodate up to five players.

Players will work together to rescue Teensies, characters from the Rayman series, in the world of Glade Of Dreams. The game is suitable for ages seven and up, making it a family-friendly activity.

The board game is being developed by FLYOS, a tabletop company known for creating engaging games such as The Lab and Survive Until Daylight. FLYOS has experience in adapting video games into board games, demonstrated by their previous work on Vampire The Masquerade Chapters.

While details about the gameplay and release date are still under wraps, the announcement has sparked excitement among fans. Despite it not being the anticipated video game, the Rayman board game could potentially join the ranks of other successful tabletop adaptations of video games.

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