Arcade1Up and TaskRabbit Partner to Assist with Home Cabinet Building

Arcade cabinet enthusiasts now have the option to hire someone to build their cabinets for them and receive a discount on the service for a limited time, thanks to a partnership between Arcade1Up and TaskRabbit. This collaboration aims to alleviate the stress associated with assembling Arcade1Up cabinets, providing an appealing solution for individuals looking to create their own at-home arcades. Arcade1Up has been offering the opportunity to bring arcade gaming to homes for six years. Whether customers desire a single machine for nostalgic purposes or wish to transform an entire room into a retro arcade, Arcade1Up caters to these needs.

As traditional arcades become increasingly scarce, the appeal of creating a personal arcade at home grows, although the task of building the cabinets can be daunting. This is where the partnership with TaskRabbit comes into play, offering assistance with the assembly stage, making the process more manageable. Individuals can utilize the TaskRabbit app to find professionals who specialize in assembling Arcade1Up cabinets and pinball machines. Additionally, new Arcade1Up customers can benefit from a limited-time discount by entering the code ARCADE1UP10 at checkout (10ARCADE1UP in Canada), providing $10 off their order until October 1, 2024.

The necessity for assembly might come as a surprise to individuals considering purchasing an Arcade1Up cabinet for the first time. However, shipping a pre-built cabinet would be costly, and transporting it from a store without proper means would be impractical. The collaboration with TaskRabbit addresses this obstacle, facilitating the process of embarking on an at-home arcade adventure. In addition to the current offerings, Arcade1Up continues to expand its options by partnering with renowned brands to bring iconic arcade games into 2024.

For example, a recent release of a special X-Men ’97 cabinet featured artwork from the show, eight games focusing on Marvel’s X-Men, multiplayer capabilities, and Wi-Fi connectivity for global scoreboards and competition.

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