Archie’s Cosmodrome Location – Destiny 2: Into the Light

Destiny 2’s robotic companion, Archie, is embarking on an exploration of the outer reaches of the Sol System for the remainder of Season 23. Each week until The Final Shape, Archie will venture to a specific destination and players who locate him will be rewarded with ten Trophies of Bravery and a unique inventory item. In the second week, Archie is exploring the Cosmodrome, the birthplace of most Guardians.

Players can speak to Ada in the Tower to learn of Archie’s whereabouts and then visit the Cosmodrome to find him. The locations where Archie can be found in the Cosmodrome are:

– The communication terminals inside Terrestrial Complex
– Rasputin’s Bunker in The Grottos
– Dock 13
– A Cave Full Of Loot in Skywatch

Players can head to these locations to interact with Archie’s paw prints and uncover his next destination. The “cave full of loot” mentioned in the quest refers to the loot cave in Skywatch, located to the west of the spawn point.

Players can enter the cave and interact with Archie’s paw prints to progress in the quest. The communication hub mentioned in the quest is Terrestrial Complex, which acts as a connection between Skywatch and the Forgotten Shore. Players can follow a linear path from Skywatch to find the paw prints next to a series of monitors.

Archie’s visit to the old bunker leads to the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. bunker in The Grottos, located in the southeast corner of The Forgotten Shore. After reaching The Grottos, players can find the bunker entrance guarded by a familiar Fallen Vandal.

Archie’s ship location is revealed to be Dock 13 in the Cosmodrome. Players can fast travel to The Steppes, head south and follow a path to reach Dock 13. Upon arrival, players will encounter Randal the Vandal, who has taken Archie hostage.

After eliminating the Fallen inside Dock 13, Randal will flee, leaving Archie free. Players can then return to the Tower and speak with Ada-1 to receive a tin foil hat, the latest gift from Archie, concluding the second quest of the season and rewarding them with ten Trophies of Bravery.

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