Automatic Deletion of Game Captures by Xbox Set for May 30

Xbox users are being alerted to back up their old captures as the platform prepares to introduce a new policy. The policy will result in captures older than 90 days being automatically deleted from the system on May 30. This has prompted notifications to be sent to users, urging them to preserve their precious gaming memories. To avoid losing their captures, users have been advised to back them up on an external USB or hard drive, or explore the option of utilizing a OneDrive free trial.

The impending change has sparked concern among players who are eager to preserve their special gaming moments. Although there had been earlier indications of captures being deleted in January, the implementation of the policy has now been postponed until the end of May. Once the new policy comes into effect, all video and screenshot content older than 90 days stored on the Xbox Network will be purged, likely as a measure to free up server space. Fortunately for users, the process of backing up their captures is relatively straightforward.

They have the option to transfer content to OneDrive or an external hard drive, with the latter being more practical due to the limited storage capacity for free OneDrive users. Additionally, users can configure their Xbox settings to automatically upload future captures to a connected USB or OneDrive, providing a convenient solution for safeguarding their media files. In conclusion, Xbox users are advised to take action to preserve their gaming captures before the approaching deadline. By backing up their content, they can ensure that their cherished memories remain intact despite the impending policy change.

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