Baldur’s Gate 3 Fan Creates New Plus-Sized Body Type

A mod for Baldur’s Gate 3 has been created to introduce a plus-sized body type to the character creator. At present, the mod only works with certain humanoid bodies, but further updates are in the pipeline.

This addresses the limited options in the base game, providing players the opportunity to create plus-sized Tavs. Baldur’s Gate 3 features an extensive character creator, but is lacking in body type choices.

Although there are numerous hairstyles, tattoos, and makeup shades, only a few body types are available, and none of them cater to plus-sized characters. However, PC players now have the option to download a mod that rectifies this.

The Plus-Size Tav mod by Nexus Mods user MangoPunch introduces a new body type into the character creator for any humanoid race, enabling them to be plus-sized rather than solely petite or muscular. Additionally, the mod includes plus-sized compatibility for certain clothing and armor in the game, with more updates planned for the future.

While there may be some complications further into the game, there is enough content to get a playthrough started. The mod currently only affects body type 1, with plans to create a model for body type 2 in a future update.

However, the body types are even more restricted for non-humanoid characters such as dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-orcs, and dragonborn. There are speculations about an upcoming Patch 7, with hints from the developers about new evil ending cinematics, which are anticipated to be impactful.

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