Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6 Adds Excessively Long Kissing Animation for Shadowheart

Larian has given us a sneak peek at the updated kissing animations for romanceable companions in the game. First, Shadowheart’s overhauled kissing animation was revealed, showcasing her dramatic and passionate personality. In this animation, she circles her partner and plants kisses on their shoulders before locking lips. Additionally, a new kiss for Halsin was also shown, featuring a forehead kiss.

This preview has sparked speculation that every romanceable companion could potentially receive a new smooching animation. Players are hopeful that this update will introduce some variety to the kissing animations and possibly address issues such as repeat animations. Larian has hinted at a comprehensive patch and promised to share the full patch notes on their official website. Fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of a long-promised photo mode being included in the patch, which would tie in nicely with the Valentine’s Day theme.

There are also technical concerns, such as fixing the broken Shield Bash reaction, that players hope will be addressed. The community is eagerly awaiting the release of Patch 6 to see what new features and fixes it will bring.

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