Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Conquers Honour Mode Using Only True Strike And Reactions

Baldur’s Gate 3 recently introduced a new difficulty post-launch known as Honour Mode. This mode only allows for one save file, meaning there is no option to reload if a dice roll doesn’t go as planned, and permanent death is a mechanic.

This challenge was conquered by a YouTuber named Fracture, who completed the game using only True Strike and reactions, making the gameplay formidable. Fracture’s strategy involved obtaining the Boots of Stormy Clamour, which allows for the stacking of two Reverberations when a hostile creature is affected by a condition, and then securing the Ring of Absolute Force during Omelum’s quest in the Underdark.

This combination, along with Priestess Gut’s branding, resulted in dealing additional thunder damage per attack while casting True Strike. After putting the basics of the build together, Fracture proceeded to the Adamantine Forge to confront Grym, gaining enough XP to level up.

The character’s build, consisting of the Ring of Protection, Adamantine armor, Arcane Ward, Warding Bond, and goodberries, conferred significant invincibility against lower-level attacks. Subsequently, they proceeded to Act 2, engaging in a prolonged battle with Kar’niss and inadvertently causing a series of confrontations and fights.

Fracture went on to side with Gortash in Act 3 due to the high Thunder resistance, engaged in battles with Viconia, Raphael, and Orin, and ultimately defeated the Netherbrain in the game’s final act, using inventive tactics within a limited turn timeframe. The entire gameplay can be witnessed in a comprehensive video and the remarkable tactics employed by Fracture in their unconventional playthrough.

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