Bellwright Plants Seeds Of Rebellion (And Wheat)

We saw early gameplay of Donkey Crew’s upcoming sandbox game. It is shaping up to be a promising year for open-world survival games, with titles like Enshrouded, Nightingale, and Palworld offering new ways for players to explore and carve out their place in virtual worlds.

The Xbox Game Pass service provides a variety of games, including survival titles. Bellwright, a new offering from Polish developer Donkey Crew, brings a serious and realistic tone to the genre.

Fans of the Mount & Blade series may find this title particularly intriguing. Bellwright allows players to join each other’s worlds to fight against the Queen, involving tasks such as gathering resources and commanding troops.

Starting with nothing, players must perform familiar tasks like chopping trees, hunting for food, and finding weapons. The game presents the challenge of liberating the land from the oppressive Queen by completing quests for nearby villages and building efficient towns.

Time and resources are crucial in Bellwright as players need to prioritize tasks and strategically manage their investments. Large projects, including construction and military action, demand a significant amount of time and labor.

Combat is an essential feature in overthrowing the Queen, emphasizing the importance of strategy and teamwork rather than individual prowess. The game’s combat mechanics offer a realistic and immersive experience, where battles are chaotic and dangerous.

The game’s open world features multiple biomes, and the early access version already offers significant gameplay potential. The addition of sieges in the final game is highly anticipated by both players and the developers.

Bellwright enters early access on April 23, offering an engaging and evolving experience for players.

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