Best Starting SPECIAL Stats for Fallout New Vegas

“Fallout: New Vegas” holds a special position in the franchise for many fans, featuring unique elements not found in other entries. The game’s memorable companions and strong narrative makes it stand out, particularly the journey of the amnesiac protagonist. One iconic moment for players is their first trip to Quarry Junction. Starting the game can be daunting, especially for those accustomed to newer entries in the series.

Character creation begins with an inkblot test and personality quiz, making it challenging to gauge the value of different stats and skills without external guidance. To conquer the Mojave, a solid starting build is crucial. A focus on maximizing attributes like intelligence, endurance, agility, and perception is recommended. It’s important not to start with a SPECIAL attribute at 10, preventing the use of features that can increase them later.

When choosing starting skills, it’s not necessary to adhere to the Doc’s personality quiz recommendations. Additionally, tag skills are less important in “New Vegas,” as with ten intelligence, the player will eventually gain 100 in everything. Traits can be chosen at character creation, and it’s possible to repick them later in the Old World Blues DLC. The bonus points given during character creation help in starting with most key attributes near their maximum.

Once in the city outskirts, it’s important to fully upgrade attributes at Doctor Usanagi’s medical clinic, especially obtaining the intelligence implant early.

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