BlackMilk Launches 50th Anniversary Dungeons & Dragons Collection

BlackMilk has collaborated with Dungeons & Dragons to celebrate D&D’s 50th birthday. The collaboration features prints from D&D’s Monster Manual on various clothing items such as dresses, a boyfriend shirt, and cuffed shorts. Some items have been removed from the vault, while other options are available, including the Count Strahd Von Zarovich robe, designed for Dungeon Masters.

The Count Strahd Von Zarovich robe is noted as a favorite, particularly suitable for Dungeon Masters during game sessions. The collaboration follows similar partnerships such as Lego’s release of the Red Dragon’s Tale set, comprising over 3,700 pieces, and Converse’s D&D collection, which incorporated elements from the RPG into the Converse By You line. These collaborations with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast mark the growing trend of brands joining in D&D’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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