Brotherhood of Steel May Have Joined Forces with Caesar’s Legion

The text can be divided into the following logical paragraphs:

1. The West Coast Brotherhood of Steel has adopted Roman names and new red and gold flags, possibly as a way to regain strength after battles with the NCR. 2. The aftermath of New Vegas, with the NCR on the brink due to the destruction of its first capital, is a central theme in the Fallout series.

3. A fan theory suggests that the West Coast Brotherhood may have combined with Caesar’s Legion due to their secretive nature and dwindling numbers, leading to a thriving status in the series. 4. The new imagery, including religious and ritualistic activities, and the similarity between the Brotherhood and Legion flags and leadership, lends some support to this theory.

5. The fate of Caesar and his successor, Legate Lanius, is also considered within the theory, as their passing may have provided the perfect opportunity for the Brotherhood to assimilate with the Legion.

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