Climbing Walls Should Be Possible in Dragon’s Dogma 2 If Monster Climbing Is Allowed

The gameplay of Dragon’s Dogma 2 stands out due to the ability to climb onto great beasts like griffins and dragons. This feature adds a tactile and adventurous feel, as players can clamber up their bodies, engaging in intense combat and gripping exploration, which is further enhanced by the vast open world filled with secrets and surprises.

While the game encourages players to take hold of their adventure and get to grips with their enemies, it falls short in the aspect of climbing. Although players can climb onto creatures, they cannot scale walls or cliffs, which feels odd and limits exploration.

Adding a climbing mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2 could provide new opportunities and challenges that align with the gameplay and enhance the overall experience. The absence of climbing on anything other than beasts seems especially glaring as the game already emphasizes hands-on interaction with the environment.

Introducing climbing mechanics similar to climbing enemies, with features such as stamina management and risks associated with climbing, would be a natural and beneficial addition to the game. The inability to dive or swim in water also restricts exploration.

Despite the narrative role of the Brine, which kills the player if they enter water above their ankles, the limitation feels restrictive, especially when the character can climb onto creatures. Allowing players to engage with the environment in a more dynamic way by introducing climbing and swimming mechanics would enrich the gameplay and provide a more immersive experience.

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