Complete Your Unfinished Tasks Before the 2024 Video Game Releases Gain Momentum

The gaming world is abuzz with excitement as the Xbox Showcase, Nintendo Direct, and the surprising Astro Bot reveal signal the arrival of a major game release every week from mid-August onwards. The current calm period in July, with the exception of the Final Fantasy Dawntrail, lacks firepower for gamers.

However, the pace is expected to pick up, and several mid-level games such as Dungeons of Hinterberg, Flintlock, and Kunitsu-Gami have left a positive impression. While there are many games set for release in July, none are expected to make a significant impact globally.

Looking forward to 2023, there is a high possibility that TOTK and BG3 would be among the top five games of the decade. For some, 2023 was considered the best year in two decades, and while speculation about the next year’s prospects may arise, it is important to avoid creating a competition between years.

The fear of a lackluster year in gaming was dispelled as numerous games maintained their release dates for 2024, fewer delays were encountered, and Nintendo’s last-minute Direct announcement breathed new life into the gaming landscape in July. An action-packed month lies ahead, with the arrival of Black Myth: Wukong in August followed by the World of Warcraft expansion, Star Wars Outlaws, Stalker 2, and Astro Bot.

This is just the beginning, with several highly anticipated titles such as Zelda, Metaphor, Mario Party, Sonic, Life is Strange, and more set for release throughout the year. Additionally, games like Indiana Jones and Dragon Age need to find space on the crowded gaming calendar.

As anticipation for future releases continues to build, the cycle of eagerly awaiting new games and release date shuffling repeats, echoing the sentiment to “breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out.”

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