Confirmed Fan Theory: Persona 6’s Color Scheme is Green

Sega insider Midori has disclosed details about Persona 6, stating that the game will showcase a green color scheme. Midori further revealed that the specific shade of green used in Persona 6 matches that of the paint bucket featured in the 25th-anniversary artwork. While these details have not been officially confirmed, Midori has a strong reputation for accurate Sega leaks. Each of the main modern Persona games is characterized by a distinct color theme that permeates the entire game, including marketing and user interface.

Persona 3 features a melancholy blue, Persona 4 a bright yellow, and Persona 5 a bright red, likely symbolizing danger due to the criminal activities in the game. Following this pattern, Persona 6 will introduce a green color scheme, finally incorporating the final primary color into the series. Midori’s Twitter revelation about Persona 6’s green color scheme has caused a stir among fans given the limited information available about the game. Midori has also provided validation for earlier speculation about a green paint bucket featured in the series’ 25th-anniversary art, suggesting that it teased the color scheme for Persona 6.

This theory gains credibility as Midori confirmed that the green paint in the bucket corresponds to the shade used in the upcoming game, further fueling excitement in the fan community. While an official announcement for Persona 6 is still pending, Midori’s affirmation adds weight to the anticipation, with fans eagerly awaiting further details. Finally, although there are other Persona games in development, Midori has indicated that the focus at present is on Persona 6. Given recent releases such as Persona 3 Reload and the upcoming Persona 5 X, it is plausible that a soft announcement for Persona 6 may be imminent.

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