Cuphead Continues Teaching Me About Myself in 2024

My partner’s determination and patience while claiming souls taught me how to find those qualities in myself. Over the weekend, my partner and I were looking for something engaging to do together. We decided to buy a couch co-op game and settled on Cuphead.

Despite initial hesitations about its difficulty, we found the game delightful to play. The gameplay involves platforming and run-and-gunning, and we have been playing it in short bursts almost every night. I usually lack patience and get easily frustrated, which made me hesitant to play Cuphead.

However, my partner’s perseverance and determination inspired me to cultivate those qualities in myself. Despite my initial struggles and frustrations, my partner remained patient and supportive, teaching me how to approach challenges with patience and persistence. Slowly but surely, we started making progress and playing better as a team.

Cuphead not only strengthened our friendship but also reminded me that the qualities I admire in my partner are also present within myself, as long as I embrace discomfort and persevere. Our shared victory in completing a challenging level left us both elated, and I realized that I could achieve more than I believed possible. Cuphead, developed by Studio MDHR, is a shooter game that pays homage to classic ‘shmup’ games and Jazz Age cartoons.

Players control Cuphead and can engage in co-op gameplay, with a second player assuming the role of Mugman, Cuphead’s brother.

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