Dataminer Reportedly Uncovers Evidence of Uncharted 1 Remake in The Last Of Us

The Last of Us Part 2’s files allegedly contain “hundreds of references to Uncharted 1.” Nick Baker, co-host of XboxEra and a leaker, claimed to have received “evidence” of an Uncharted remake. The YouTuber Speclizer_ also states having found proof of its existence in The Last of Us Part 2’s files.

The references include characters such as “elena” and “u1-drake,” as well as a level referencing the plane crash scene. Additionally, a dev task file references “vasg-ucpt,” which is believed to be related to Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group, with “uc” likely standing for Uncharted. It remains uncertain whether this remake is definitely happening, but the evidence suggests that it was strongly considered at some point.

Moreover, both Baker and fellow XboxEra co-host Jon Clarke received alleged proof of the remake independently. It’s possible that this information was obtained from the significant Insomniac hack. However, at present, little is known about the remake other than its possible developer and Sony’s consideration of it.

Remakes and remasters have been utilized to bring PlayStation exclusives to PC. It’s interesting to note that Sony mentioned two years ago that the Uncharted trilogy had not been ported to PC due to needing a “major overhaul visually.” XboxEra speculates that a remake could revitalize the series, potentially leading to a new entry.

Nonetheless, there are rumors that Naughty Dog is working on a new IP and has announced plans for The Last of Us Part 3. Given these factors, it may be a while before a new Uncharted game is released, if at all.

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