Doki Doki Liteerature Club Merch Now at Insert Coin

Insert Coin has expanded its range of officially licensed merchandise to include Doki Doki Literature Club items, now available in their storefront. Among the offerings are a varsity jacket, a t-shirt featuring characters from the game, and four pairs of socks.

The site, known for its video game-inspired collections, continues to add new ones to its lineup in 2024, introducing a new collection almost weekly. This time, it’s the first-ever Doki Doki Literature Club collection, marking a significant addition to their offerings.

Doki Doki Literature Club, a visual novel/dating sim with psychological horror elements, was released in 2017 and gained popularity after its console release in 2021. The game’s decision tree allows for multiple endings, contributing to its enduring popularity, which now translates into merchandise available at Insert Coin.

The standout item in the collection is the Doki Doki varsity jacket, featuring the school logo, badges on the sleeves, and unique detailing inside the jacket. Other items in the collection include a t-shirt with game characters and four pairs of socks for a more subtle expression of fanhood.

For those looking for more affordable options, Insert Coin also offers a t-shirt and socks, providing a range of choices for fans to represent their love for the game.

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