Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Incluirá Personajes de GT y de la Película

Recently, a Twitter interview involving users SofianLeGEEK, Yekais, and key developers from Spike Chunsoft (as shared by Twitter user LaunSSJ) revealed potential inclusion of characters from Dragon Ball GT and the movies in the game. The interview, as translated by Twitter user ShonenGamesZ, featured Sparking: Zero’s producer, Jun Furutani, and series producer, Ryo Mito, discussing the game’s development and hinting at its planned release window.

They confirmed that characters from GT and the movies are being considered for the game, but hinted that the GT characters might end up as DLC rather than in the base roster. Additionally, Furutani and Mito revealed that fusions like Gogeta, Vegito, and Gotenks are expected to be included in the game.

It’s worth noting that GT characters were previously left out of Raging Blast 2, a similar game. This news may disappoint fans, but the potential inclusion of popular fusions is expected to generate excitement among the player community.

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