Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Leak Confirms Gohan And Alternate Outfits

A recent leak has revealed images of Dragon Ball Z characters wearing alternate costumes, sparking speculation among fans. The leaked screenshots feature Son Gohan, Piccolo, and Master Roshi in outfits from the Saiyan saga, hinting at the possibility of alternate costumes in the upcoming game. Despite initial confusion, it has been confirmed that Son Gohan will indeed be a playable character in the game.

Additionally, the images show a different look for Piccolo and Master Roshi, sporting their Dragon Ball Z outfits instead of their Super appearances. This has further fueled speculation about the potential for alternate costumes in the game. Son Gohan, known for his reluctance to fight, has proven to be a formidable adversary when necessary, as evidenced by his pivotal role in defeating Cell.

The leaked images also showcase Gohan performing the Masendan attack, adding to the anticipation surrounding his role in the game. Additionally, the possibility of separate characters or different movesets for Piccolo and Master Roshi, based on their Saiyan saga appearances, has been raised. Fans have expressed a strong desire for more customization options in the new Budokai Tenkaichi game, whether they come in the form of alternate costumes or separate characters.

Overall, the leaked images have generated excitement and speculation within the Dragon Ball Z gaming community, as fans eagerly await more details about the upcoming game.

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