Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 players express dissatisfaction with the current generation graphics upgrade.

Vegeta’s trick Final Flash might just be the coolest thing he’s ever done. Back in 2023, it was confirmed that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 would be getting a current-gen update for PS5 and Xbox Series.

However, the specific changes accompanying the new version were not revealed at the time. Bandai Namco recently announced that the update is set to be released on May 24 with a feature to transfer saves, but did not disclose further details about what to expect.

This announcement included a brief glimpse at the updated graphics in action, as shown in a comparison video. While Kakarot’s current-gen update significantly improved the game’s visuals, the same can’t be said for Xenoverse 2.

The video showed only a minor difference – some stray blades of grass swaying in the wind. Many Dragon Ball fans are unimpressed with these changes, although some are more understanding.

Players on the Xenoverse 2 subreddit expressed their desire for reduced loading times, while others who have worked on mods for the game highlighted the extensive work needed to enhance all of the game’s models and assets.

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