EA Reportedly Cancels Remake of Dead Space 2

Gaming insider and Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb claims that a remake of Dead Space 2 is unlikely to happen due to the slow sales of the first game’s remake. This news indicates that the project is “straight-up” bad news for those hoping for a Dead Space 2 remake. Grubb suggests that it is on hold and unlikely to proceed for the time being, with the possibility of being picked up later down the line.

The focus for the development team, Motive, will now shift to working on Iron Man and Battlefield, as confirmed by EA earlier in the week. Motive’s decision to prioritize Iron Man and Battlefield over Dead Space 2 signals a shift in their focus. Despite the success of the previous Dead Space game, it appears that the underwhelming sales of the remake have led to the shelving of the Dead Space 2 project.

The original Dead Space remake was acclaimed as one of the year’s best games, offering a promising future for the series. However, given the current circumstances, fans of the franchise may need to accept that Dead Space 2 is not in active development at this time. The game, which involves playing as Isaac Clarke as he navigates a mining ship infested with a deadly alien threat, may remain on hold until further developments arise.

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