Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – All the Characters Near Your Castle

Once you have obtained your castle in the world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the next step is to raise an army. The game offers a surprising number of recruits right at your doorstep, from characters hanging out in the town itself to those roaming the Dappled Forest and even those sulking in the not-so-Abandoned Mine.

This guide will show you where to go and what to do in order to recruit the many heroes in the Near Castle area of Eiyuden Chronicle. Hiro can be recruited once you have obtained your castle by talking to him in the Abandoned Mine.

Ormond is also found in the Abandoned Mine and will join you after you retrieve three iron ore for him. Galdorf can be found at the entrance of the Abandoned Mine and will join your cause if you give him The Palenight Mail.

Martha is located in the town surrounding your castle and will join your army there. To recruit Kerrin, head into the Dappled Woods and gather 20 pieces of lumber to convince her to join.

Leon Lasude can be recruited after leveling up your castle and interacting with him near the west gate of the castle town. Chron can be found in the Land of Water chapter of the game, near the front entrance of your Castle Town.

Aleior can also be recruited by heading to the Abandoned Mine through the Grum-county entrance with Marisa in your party. Allaby will relocate to the Heroes Den and can be recruited there soon after you lose Yarnaan.

Faye can be recruited in three different locations, and you need to find her in each location to recruit her. Finally, to recruit Fume, you need to be able to reach him in the Dappled Forest and have recruited Enoe.

Lastly, Selbineth joins after you do your first run in the mysterious room, which occurs rather late in the game.

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