Elden Ring Fan Completes Game Without Taking Damage Using Randomizer

The Elden Ring community is known for taking on an array of unusual and impressive challenges, continuously improving their skills. One particular feat that stands out is LilAggy’s completion of the game with a randomiser.

This means that any boss could be encountered behind any fog wall, and their preferred weapon might be located in the latter part of the game. Despite the gamble, LilAggy successfully completed the game in four hours and 28 minutes, relying on luck to navigate through random encounters without any prior preparation.

Gathering items haphazardly, they managed to assemble their build quickly and effectively, culminating in a victorious battle against the final boss. The celebration of this hard-earned victory with their partner was a joyous moment for LilAggy.

LilAggy is no stranger to randomisers, having previously played through Dark Souls 3 using one and experimented with various random mods in Elden Ring. They also made an attempt at a no-hit randomiser run, which unfortunately ended with a single fatal blow from Magma Wyrm Makar.

Despite this setback, they gracefully accepted the defeat and acknowledged the challenge of the encounter. Their determination remained evident as, over seven months later, they successfully completed the game with a similar sorcery build, showcasing their resilience and perseverance in overcoming such challenging obstacles.

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