Elden Ring: Shadow Of Erdtree Still In Development, No Release Date

Recently on Steam, Elden Ring’s DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, was discovered, however, a release date is still pending from FromSoftware. According to a financial report from FromSoftware’s parent company, Kadokawa, Shadow of the Erdtree is still in development but a release date is not yet available.

Eurogamer noted that the report described the DLC as a “major DLC” and implied that it may not be launching as soon as anticipated. The Elden Ring community is actively involved in various challenges and continues to improve.

FromSoft released a note in the FAQ section of the financial report stating that they are working on the DLC but have not announced a release date. The report also mentioned that the DLC is just one of the “various measures” currently in progress for the game, indicating that the company is keen to capitalize on the long-awaited launch of Shadow of the Erdtree.

Despite rumors of a surprise launch coinciding with Elden Ring’s second anniversary, further information about the DLC’s development progress is not provided by FromSoft. Additionally, there are reports of an Elden Ring mobile game inspired by Genshin Impact, potentially being developed by Tencent, although this has not been officially confirmed.

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